Discovering clowntherapy.. practicing..


Clowntherapy helps you deal with every aspect of life, with positivity, even in the most complicated situations. Every week I will send you three messages, inviting you to practice clown behavior, to live every day in the relationship with yourself and with others, it will be simple and light, something that we are not usually used to, but that will open the doors of your heart, to make you feel good, and then go meet people with joy and enthusiasm! In addition, we will talk once a week by phone, for 15 minutes, where you tell me your doubts and your progress. There are 3 clown routes, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months and is aimed at those who have never practiced clown therapy. Come on, contact me! Bigné waiting.. Yes, I, too, among other things, am a clown!
Long live the life!