Energetic activation

"Face-to-face distance healing "

"Face-to-Face Distance Healing” is a special kind of energy Sekhem of Love and Healing and then you can pass on this special Sekhem energy to other people.

I offer you two different remote healing modalities”Face-to-face distance healing“, and you can choose the one that you feel closest to your sensitivity, to your inner soul:

  1. with this first healing modality”Face-to-face distance healing” you will receive a deeper and more powerful Sekhem healing than you would with the second modality (2.) You will receive a two-part treatment that will heal you in body, mind, emotions and spirit, but you will not be able to activate and transmit these energies to other people. If you love yourself, do not hesitate and contact me, with this treatment your life will change. Do you have neck pain? Have you suffered a loss? Are you feeling anxious? you are scared? A treatment (consisting of 2 consecutive sessions) costs 30 Euros, while a package of 4 treatments costs 100 Euros instead of 120 Euros.
  2. with this second healing modality”Face-to-face distance healing” You will receive a gentle Sekhem treatment, which you can then immediately practice yourself on me and then on as many people as you wish. I'll teach you, with immediate practice, how to do it. In just 2 months you can be activated to this loving energy “Face-to-Face Distance Healing”, wherever you are in the world, through a simple video call. You don't need any video calling software, you just need a browser to navigate: chrome or edge, I'll take care of the rest. You can use this technique immediately, to heal yourself on a body, mind, emotion and spirit level and after completing the whole process (after 2 months), you can also transmit this activation, in the same way (in video call) , to all the people you want. This special energy Sekhem He is waiting for you!

No experience with healing energies is required for either modality.

I'll explain the whole process better if you choose the second method (2.):

with the second method we will have a meeting. personally, you and me, in video call, for a maximum of 1h and 30 minutes, every 15 days, for a total of 4 meetings, during these video calls, you will receive 4 activations and after each activation, you can immediately put into practice what you have learned, in a very simple and natural way. It will all be very easy, but at the same time also very profound. Simply let yourself be accompanied by this energy of love. The Angels will be with you at all times, making you feel their energetic presence. The video call is important, because seeing each other the energy transmitted will be even more loving and profound. The cost is €190 for the entire journey, payable by bank transfer or credit card (paypal).

If you decide to do yourself some good and be a healing channel for other people too, don't hesitate, write or call me and we'll start this spiritual path of love, on the days that are most convenient for you.

Now: sit comfortably, take three deep breaths and feel, with your soul, which is the best mode for you, the first or the second?

The Angels and I hug you tightly and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Francis, messenger of Light.