Coaching in Clown Therapy

The messenger of light is also a clown, who will make you live a path, without haste, of listening, every week I will send you 3 messages, with which I will invite you to put into practice a clown attitude/behavior, to be lived every day in the relationship with yourself and with others, it will be simple and light, something we are generally not used to, but which will open the doors of your heart, to make you feel good, and then go out to meet people with joy and enthusiasm. You will bring your open-mindedness and happiness to the world. Slowly, slowly you will change yourself and other people will notice. You will be less stressed and you will face life with a different spirit, welcoming in diversity and always listening. Plus, once a week, we'll talk by phone for 15 minutes, where you'll tell me about your progress, your doubts and I'll give you advice and help you feel at peace with the world.

The program requires a minimum of 1 month (€50) or 2 months (€90). Precisely because there shouldn't be a rush, but listening and time, to assimilate a new joyful and trusting approach to life.

“God does not look at how much but at how; our perfection does not consist in doing extraordinary things but in doing ordinary things well"

St. Gabriel, the saint of smiles

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