Energy treatments at a distance.. for you or a special person..

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Are you stressed? Do you have back pain? Can’t you forget a person? Have you just experienced grief? Do you want to feel more the spirituality that is naturally within you? Get involved and embrace by my energy treatments at a distance, I explain: they are cocktails of pure energy Seichim, Ka Shen Sekhem, All love and Reiki, which I send you all together for your maximum good! All these energies are “guided” by the Angelic realms, who care about your well-being and protection in every single moment of your earthly life and beyond.
Remember that the first 30 minute treatment is free! What are you waiting for? Come on, contact me now, you will feel and you will see your life change!

You can contact me by e-mail “” or by phone/whatsapp at no. +393518443676